Carefully curated clothing, gifts, home decor, accessories, furniture, DIY products, and more at our brick and mortar store in Lafayette, Colorado.


Our Vision

Living a LIFESTYLE that shows HOPE to every generation.

Our Mission

Serve others through quality products and an uplifting experience

in order to develop deeper relationships with people

by intentionally living with hope.

  • Shopping

    Curated goods to fill your home and wardrobe with unique and beautiful items. With a modern farmhouse vibe, you can find interesting furniture and decor, as well as practical statement pieces to accentuate your own personal style. With a constantly rotating selection of staple piece clothes, we love bringing trendy, comfortable, and versatile items to fill your closet with clothes that you actually love.

  • Sip & Shop at BREW

    Combining a love of shopping and coffee, Brew allows you to come grab your favorite drink (we suggest one of our signature elixirs!) and browse our shop at the same time. Take a quick look while you wait for your drink to be made, or take your time sipping and shopping — either way, we love combining the two. Not only does Brew provide some incredible treats and drinks, it’s also a reminder to slow down for a moment and simply enjoy what’s in front of you.

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Life is busy, we totally understand that!

Sometimes shopping in store just isn't possible.
We will always hope to see you in person
but until then...

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